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Drainage Systems


What is the first step?

One of our engineers will call out to meet you and inspect the damage to your tank and drainage field. You will be asked to sign a ‘letter of authority’ or ‘mandate’ which provides STRni and our recommended Loss Assessor with permission to speak to your Insurers on your behalf.

Will I be charged for the claim handling process?

There is no charge to you for your claim handling and negotiating the claim on your behalf so long as you choose STRni to complete any repair works. Once your claim is registered, STRni will submit a detailed technical report with recommendations for the repairs to your Insurer for their consideration. Any investigation costs will be covered by the insurance company. STRni will even pay your insurance excess.

Following acceptance of claim and authorisation for repairs from your Insurer, we will liaise with you and complete the works at a time which is convenient to you. 

What happens if I change my mind?

You may decide to use another contractor to complete your repair at any stage of the claim handling. You will not be charged for the claim handling service to that point but you will be charged for any of the inspection and construction works completed to date and any other costs incurred onto STRni. You may be able to recover these costs from your insurance company if it is a valid claim.

We will happily provide more detail on this topic when we come out to meet you and look at your damaged tank. Or, you can phone us before we come out to discuss the claim process in more detail. 

What happens at the start of my claim?

Our Loss Assessor  will contact your Insurer to register the claim on your behalf. We will then forward a detailed technical report to your Insurer which will record the damage and provide recommendations for further site investigations to help identify possible remedial solutions.

Your Insurer will usually appoint their nominated drainage repair company to review the details of the claim and provide their opinions on our recommended repairs and costs. Please be aware that your Insurers are only entitled to obtain alternative quotations from other contractors. Your Insurers or their contractors cannot insist that they undertake the works themselves. It is your choice who repairs your drains. 

STRni will always meet with your Insurer’s representatives, to act on your behalf, throughout the entire process. 

Advice for our clients during the claim process

It is important that you support STRni and our Loss Assessor fully throughout our negotiations with your Insurers and at no time allow your Insurers to appoint their own contractors to undertake any repair works to your drains or underground services. We cannot properly protect our clients’ interests in the claim process if our clients deal directly with their Insurer or their agents.

It is important to remember that the contractor appointed by Insurers may not offer a similar guarantee on repairs to us and they may use non recommended materials or working methods.

STRni will provide an effective and lasting repair that will be fully legally compliant.

During the claim process STRni will provide a quotation to the Insurer to complete the repair works. Insurance companies may offer a counter quotation which has been prepared by their appointed contractor. STRni will analyse this quotation on your behalf to identify if a full scope of the required works have been included in the counter quotation and that there will be no unforeseen additional costs incurred to you, should you wish to proceed with their appointed contractor. 

How long will my claim take to get settled?

This can vary hugely from Insurer to Insurer. Some are much more efficient than others. We will keep you informed of each stage and the progress of your claim at all times. We will contact your Insurer and their agents on a regular basis and if they are not complying with their industry regulations we will commence Complaints Procedures as soon as breaches are incurred.

We will be available for you at all times if the operation of your drainage system fails further and we will organise de-sludging, jetting or further inspections while your claim is being handled.

On your behalf, working entirely for you and representing only your interest, we will liaise with your Insurer until final settlement of claim.