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Claim Process

Contact Septic Tank Repairs NI to commence your claim as soon as you become aware of any damage – If a claim is not reported for any length of time the insurance companies are within their rights to reject the claim.

What are the pitfalls of trying to do this myself? – Pursuing a claim for damage to a septic tank is an onerous task requiring various technical reports and continual chasing of numerous parties in order to further the claim.

How can you get your tank repaired for free, with no stress? Contact STRni to avail of a FREE claims management service. This includes gathering all of the necessary information to make your claim, producing the surveys and technical reports required and handling the case until full settlement by your insurer. We also complete the construction works.

The End Result? – A fully repaired and legally compliant off-mains drainage system at no cost to you. STRni will even pay your insurance excess.

What if you decide to try and claim yourself and your insurer rejects your claim? – Contact STRni for a free consultation. We have experience of winning full costs even after repudiation of a claim.

Join our portfolio of satisfied clients who have saved thousands of pounds in their claims for tank damage.

Call 07359716875 for free advice or email us at –  with your contact details and we will be happy to assist you.