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Who are SepticTankRepairsNI? 

We are a team of Civil Engineering professionals who specialise is installations and repairs of ‘off-mains’ drainage systems. If your domestic drainage system is not connected to the public drainage network your system is termed as ‘off-mains’. Your domestic sewage will be collected and treated in a Septic Tank (ST) or a Sewage Treatment Plant (STP). 

Owning a Septic Tank or Sewage Treatment Plant

Your Septic Tank is designed to discharge effluent into the sub-soil via perforated pipes (a drainage field). A sludge is left behind in the tank. The sludge within your tank should be sucked out at least once a year, and in some cases more often. You are entitled to one free de-sludging per year which is provided by NI Water.

Has your Septic Tank been reported as damaged on your annual Desludging Notice?

Did you know – NI Water, or their agents, are now informing homeowners if their septic tank is damaged.   If your NI Water tanker driver has recorded damage to your septic tank on your Desludging Notice, you may be entitled to a full repair of your tank through your household building insurance. **

Damaged Baffle

Damaged Baffle

Evidence of Damage

Evidence of Damage

Detached Chamber

Detached Chamber

What can Septic Tank Repairs NI (STRni) do to help?

STRni has a successful track record of managing claims on behalf of septic tank owners across NI. 

We can secure a full repair of your damaged tank paid in full by your insurance company. This is a free service with no hidden charges – in fact you won’t even have to pay any excess charges stated on your insurance policy.

We have over 20 years’ experience in repairing damaged ‘off-mains’ drainage systems with proprietary and ‘no-dig’ repair methods using highest standard materials and equipment. 

At your property, all works will be carried out by expert engineers with guarantees provided on all completed works. 

Our aim is to complete the most sustainable off mains sewage systems, of the highest quality, to ensure that the discharge is the most environmentally friendly bi-product that can be achieved. We are proud of our excellent working relationship with the Northern Ireland Environment Agency (NIEA). 

We employ the services of a professional insurance Claim Handling Team who will make your claim experience straight forward and hassle free. They have a 95% success rate in resolving claims. 

They will act on your behalf through the entire process, from the registration of the claim, to negotiation with the insurer and the settlement of the claim under the conditions of your insurance policy.  

STRni will manage all aspects of the process. Some of these aspects will be the initial site investigations, dealing with land ownership and other legal matters, negotiations with Building Control, negotiations with the NIEA, applications for new Consents to Discharge, project management and completion of the works. 

** This may be subject to policy conditions and also being able to demonstrate that your ST has been emptied for the previous 3 years.